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Benifits of Invisalign

Invisibility. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and allow you to acquire a beautiful, healthy smile without putting your life on hold or feeling the embarrassment of wearing metal braces.

Improved Self-esteem – A confident and happy person is a healthy one. Having an attractive smile can help you feel more beautiful, which leads to enhanced self-esteem and thus overall happiness! No need to wait until your tooth movement is final. With clear aligners you can showcase your new smile every step of the way.

Quicker than traditional Braces – The traditional dental braces can take up to two years or more. This is a long time for someone who wants straight teeth quick! Aligners can move your teeth in multiple ways at the same time allowing for you to get that dream smile in less time.

Fix Dental problems – crooked teeth are more likely to cause other problems than just making you selfconscious of your smile. Widely spaced or misaligned teeth raise the risk for gum disease and cavities since they don’t fit properly together. Removable aligners can reduce inflammation and allow the straighten of your teeth without creating problems cleaning them.

Food restrictions – eat whatever and clean your teeth like normal. you want simply remove the aligners before eating, then place them back in after your meal. When you are ready to clean your teeth, no need to fish around restrictive wires. Just brush and floss like normal!

Easier to care for – With Invisalign, there’s no need to worry about metal braces scraping your lips and cheeks or popping free and causing pain. The aligners don’t have any hard parts that could cause discomfort when they’re in place so you can enjoy a less painful experience overall!

Play Sports – Invisalign is the perfect solution for parents who want to give their kids freedom of movement without sacrificing orthodontic excellence. With Invisalign you can either remove your aligners during sports or keep them in and enjoy all the benefits from a more flexible life!

Playing Instruments – Playing an instrument with braces is difficult and painful at best. With Invisalign clear aligners there’s no longer any pain!

I have visited many dental offices in the past 12 years as I have had a lot of dental work done. Of all the places I’ve been to, this place is at the top of my list. Since this is a newer office, I’m not well acquainted with the people that work here yet, but if they are anything like my hygienist, they must be wonderful! After a couple visits with her, I feel as if I have known her forever. I was surprised to have a hygienist that cares about more than just getting the job done. Anyway, she does a great job cleaning (she did a deep cleaning and it was so gentle compared to some overly aggressive regular cleanings I’ve had in the past), answering any questions, and providing great patient education. Thank you, Heather.
Also, I am use to waiting forever in dental offices, but here I am in and out in no time at all. This could be because it is a newer location, regardless I appreciate it!

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